English program 2022 for Preschool Class



  1. Introduction

The English summer course, held by Sao Mai Education Company, is designed specifically for youth learners (6-12-year-old)

This course encourages learners to approach basic English communication in some certain circumstances: basic greetings, asking & giving the direction, negotiating in shopping price, and learners have a chance to explore international cultures of developed countries.

  1. The course objectives

-        Applying vocabulary in communicative English to practice basic conversations on available topics, students can perceive how to interact 1-1, pair/group interaction, handle some situations in communication according to hypothetical situations.

-        Practice listening comprehension through key words in the conversation & familiarize yourself with some aspects of English pronunciation in order to express purpose & expression when communicating in spoken language.

  1. Time course

English for pre-primary age

-        The course takes place over 3 summer months (from June 1 to August 31, 2022).

-        The course content spans 24 lessons (including 12 lessons with native teaches and 12 lessons with Vietnamese teacher), the duration of each lesson takes place in 105 minutes/session.

  1. Course Program

-        The curriculum is compiled and designed according to 4 basic communication topics commonly used in English.

-        For each topic, the learning time will last about 3 weeks on average, ensuring some learning content as follows:

English for pre-primary age

Week 1-3

Basic greetings

Week 4-6


W 7-9

Go shopping

W 10 - 12

International culture

Basic greetings in English, with classifications for groups of acquaintances (family & friends) and groups of people who have never met.

Some related sub-topics

+ How to greet cordially & politely

+ Inquiries about health

+ Ask about the weather

+ Ask about hobbies

Get acquainted and practice asking / giving directions in English, divided into 2 situations:

+ Areas without signposts

+ Areas with signposts such as: Supermarket / amusement park / park

Get acquainted and practice with the topic of numbers in English (level tens of thousands/hundreds of thousands); Used in shopping conversations related to price negotiation/negotiation.

Classification according to 2 hypothetical situations

+ Market

+ Supermarket

+ How to say thank you/ sorry & its circumstance

+ Some important holidays in the culture of each country

+ Practice speaking on a random topic

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Điện thoại: (04)22147977/ Email: mnthanhgiong@longbien.edu.vn; tuvanknsm@giaoduckinangsaomai.com

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